goodwood atoms

We’re happy to present the premiere of Vancouver’s GOODWOOD ATOMS new track “Matter”. It’s an inventive indie folk number, with a few nods back to ’90s alternative.

“The foundation of the song came together in a very natural, organic way during a jam,” says the band, “starting with Dawson’s fingerpicked guitar line and Justin’s breakbeat. From there we spent a lot of time finding ways to make the arrangement really rich and sonically diverse. Lyrically, the song has a kind of existential theme. It’s about the search for meaning in life, and how we sometimes look for it in the wrong places.”

This is the first single released from the group’s FACTOR funded debut album ‘The Great White’, due to be released in July 2016.

GOODWOOD ATOMS will be supporting their single and upcoming album release with a show at the Media Club (Vancouver) on April 29th, and an Eastern Canadian tour and showcase appearance and Canadian Music Week in May 2016.