[Album Review] Donovan Woods- Hard Settled, Ain't Troubled
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Release Date: February 26, 2016
Label: Meant Well

It’s no secret that Donovan Woods is a magnificent songwriter and remains consistent with his latest body of work Hard Settled, Ain’t Troubled.

The album begins with the aggressive opener “What Kind of Live Is That?” He’s spent the time in between albums writing for country bigheads like Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw, but with his own music he balances formulaic commercialism while being down to earth and very much himself.

Songs are melancholic, often with hushed effortless vocals (“On the Nights You Stay Home” ,”My Good Friends”). “They Don’t Make Anything In That Town” sadly remembers the good-ol’ days in a place where things no longer happen. The melody is so simple but the unrushed delivery is what makes the song so emotionally strong. Every song has a slightly different element, whether it be melody, speed, instruments etc. “Do I Know Your Name?” employs a sparkling keyboard line. If you’re a Woods fan, he won’t  disappoint with Hard Settled, Ain’t Troubled.