[Album Review] Wintersleep- The Great Detachment
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Release Date: March 4th, 2016
Label: Dine Alone Records

Has it already been 4 years since Wintersleep released Hello Hum? Time sure does fly. With The Great Detachment, the band returns to some of the beloved sounds in 2007s Welcome to the Night Sky. They even recorded in the same place again live-of-the-floor at  Sonic Temple in Halifax.

The live aspect gives the album energy and is full of radio-ready pop hooks like the opener “Amerika”. It’s not a particularly original album but they give themselves another chance at a another “Weighty Ghost”. Guitars are full of easily memorable lines (“Lifting Curve”). It’s clear here they wrote this album for the bigger venues. Hell, they even have Geddy Lee playing on “Territory”. “More Than” employs a call and response in the song’s fourth quarter.

It’s the albums more intimate moments “Shadowless” that pull me in, revealing where the band could have gone artistically. But with their sixth album, they understandably chose to be commercial-ready, giving the listeners a collection of anthems.