5 ON THE FLY (Weird Tuesday Edition): Five mini reviews all in one place.


durban poison

True British-style punk from Durban Poison. Propelled by the snarling vocals of Maddi Corvette, the band barrels their way through a rapid-fire set of songs that are over before you get a chance to catch your breath. That’s a good thing. With punk you jump in get the job done and get out – no messing around. That said, “Outta Jive” is a fun romp with a bouncy bass-driven groove, and it clocks in at (gasp) over three minutes. Special mention should also go to “South Island” for its unpredictable tempo changes.

Choice cut: “South Island”

SUONO – Well Guys


Montreal’s Suono stroll through some slacker yacht rock with a deceiving air of languor. It may sound like an afternoon BBQ and smokes with Mac Demarco (not such a bad thing, really) but these guys actually have a streak of off-beat strangeness going on. “Told Me” is a pretty but trippy dream, while “Baby’s Gone Away” features quavering Ty Segall-style vocals, and “Here With You” is just right down the rabbit hole. Recreational drugs not required – Suono will supply the euphoric vibes.

Choice cut: “Told Me”

WARMER – Peak Health


The music of Warmer revolves around the songs and vocals of Cecily Taylor. Her voice is strong rather than sweet (reminiscent of the likes of Grace Slick), although there is a lovely resonance at times, even when the notes take a downturn. It’s often the contrast between the jangly, upbeat instrumentation and Taylor’s sombre vocal delivery that takes these psych-tinged indie tunes out of the ordinary.

Choice cut: “Blue Eyed Sato”

THE NORMAL OF GUNS – We Are Often Inclined to Become That Which We Fear the Most

normal of guns

‘We Are Often Inclined to Become That Which We Fear the Most’ can be wildly experimental, such as on the metal drone tune “Song 017” and the 11-minute opus “Eddies in the Current” which is mostly atonal guitar and non-rhythmic percussion. However, there is definite structure to “Empty Thoughts” (ironically), and the two tracks “Empty Mind” and “Let Down” are just plain gorgeous.

Choice cut: “Empty Mind”

TRISTES TROPIQUES – Tristes Tropiques


Tristes Tropiques’ self-titled debut EP is a stunning collection of ambient dreampop. “Sur Waverly” starts things off with muted reverb guitar that eventually blossoms into jangly electric glory. You are born into the magical world of Tristes Tropiques’ musical imagination. From there you have the chill vibes of “Les disques de la foire”, the shimmering synths of “Glass Harmonica”, and so on. As you sink deeper reality begins to fade. Those indistinct choruses of vocals can’t be real. This heavenly music doesn’t belong in the waking world. Your euphoria takes on an edge of paranoia – are you descending into madness?

Gotta love this stuff.

Choice cut: “Ton vaisseau”