[Album Review] Rae Spoon- Armour
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Release Date: February 19th, 2016
Label: Coax Records

Rae Spoon’s Armour, is the opposite of it’s title. Spoon has actually taken off any armour and intimately let us into secret moments.  

The title track begins the album with rather minimalistic production paired with inate pop sensibility. In “I Hear Them Calling” this becomes fuller. The melodies almost sound predictable but then take the listening on an anxious disonnant turning, Spoon’s distinguishable vocals always at the forefront.  

The upbeat tune “Written Across The Sky” sings of hunger and being stuck in what sounds like a cave, perhaps a metaphorical one. In addition, there’s a recurring reference to the sky in the next 2 songs , “Your prayers are filling the sky and falling sideways down” (“Can’t Go Right”) and “I asked the sky to blow out my light” (“Wrestles With Death”). The skies seem to be the answer to life’s afflictions in all three cases. Rae Spoon’s hymn-like melodies compliment this talk of the heavens with an informal rhythm to keep it interesting. Though sometimes I wish there was more variation range and dynamic wise in the vocals.  

As the album goes on, the armour is more and more peeled off revealing darker subjects. They are disguised in pop tunes but never trivialized. “Wrestles With Death” is a delicate song about suicide while “Stolen Song”, a ballad about being a different person, living someone else’s life. My personal favourite is “Go for the Kill” with an ominous rhythm and touches on self-inflicted pain. Misery is hidden as an artform throughout this album and perhaps it’s the art that is the Armour.