[Album Review] Basia Bulat- Good Advice
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Release Date: February 12th, 2016
Label: Secret City Recods
“La La Lie”, the first track on Basia Bulat’s fourth studio album Good Advice opens spirited, upbeat and has a sense of rawness that is aided by the production of My Morning Jacket’s Jim James. The album sounds timeless.
There’s also a bit of spite to someone that is wronged her especially on the next track “Long Goodbye”. The main difference between Good Advice and Tall Shadow is that this album is brighter and hopeful. Where Tall Shadow explored trauma, this one sparkles. The tone is also aggressive and spirited which you can hear in the “Are you going to let me in?” repeated in “Let Me In” paired with splendid pop hooks and wavy synths. We hear this attitude in “Infamous” as well.
Bulat knows when to use her voice which is both limited in range but comes out powerful without overpowering. Some of the finest moments are the raw beginnings of songs like the title track. “The Garden” does this too within the most experimental track. The album closes with the atmospheric “Someday Soon” leaving us to disappear into  the fog until Bulat returns again.

Throughout the years Basia Bulat has proved herself more than the modest folk singer with an autoharp she was back in 2007’s Oh My Darling.