Thus Owls, She-Devils, Prince Innocence, Clairmont The Second and Pantayo @ The Garrison 2/14/2016 #WL16

The last night of Wavelength was also Valentine’s Day but for the past few years Wavelength has always been the one to take my heart (but in all seriousness both me and my boyfriend were present in the same room, doing things for the festival).

The night started with all woman Filipino group Pantayo playing traditional kulingtang. I originally thought they were gamelan, as the instruments looked very similar but I think kulingtang is the proper term in this case. The instruments consisted of various tuned gongs arranged in a mesmerizing pattern.

Wavelength is known for mixing various styles and genres in the same night and rapper Clairmont the Second followed with humble licks. His followers rapped along in the crowd, mingling with the more indie-rock loving kids. It’s after-all at a Wavelength event in 2014 that I saw Jazz Cartier for the first time.

Next up was Prince Innocence partially playing moody electropop in the dark because their own projections weren’t properly working. General Chaos however came to save the day with his signature kaleidoscopes.

New Ride the Tempo favourites She-Devils gave us our first live taste of the band which included of course the popular tune “Come”. There were other yet-to-be-released tracks that are in line with their retro sultry Lana Del Rey with edge-like style. One of my favourites was a tune that I think will be called “Make You Pay”.

The night ended with Montreal’s Thus Owls and their brand of experimental-folk. Their latest Black Matter EP lended to a denser heavier sound but they did fall back down to earth and dreaminess towards the end with earlier tracks. There’s a tinge of mystery and passion in the area as Erika & Simon Angell play with intricacies of voice and guitars.

Year after year Wavelength’s anniversary festivals prove to be a place to both spend your Valentine’s Day and give up your heart, body and mind to new music that has the chance to blow your mind.