Duchess Says, The Soupcans, Partner, Versa @ The Garrison 2/13/2016 #WL16

A school bus ride took us from Markham House to The Garrison for the second night of shows. The night began with Toronto band Versa (not to be confused for a band from BC with the same name). The group played energetic post-rock with saxophones and it took me a while to figure out what the girl with a whole bunch of video cameras was doing. She was live painting projections! Prints were made for every song that were later displayed at the merch booth.

Partner followed with a full-band rendition of their hilarious songs from earlier. And my God was it good. “Play the Field”, a hilarious track about joining a sports team to attract a girl was by far my favourite tune. They had a bit of a hiccup with a broken guitar string but musicians are awesome for helping each other out and Josh Korody from Beliefs ended up lending his guitar.

Korody followed with Beliefs with Jesse Crowe taking the helm into their shoegaze rock. The most recent material Reaper moves away from their melodic past into noise territory.

Things turned into a mosh pit as soon as The Soupcans took the stage. It was ridiculously high energy and just the right thing to prepare us for what was to come.

By far one of the craziest live acts at Wavelength was Montreal’s Duchess Says. Lead singer Annie-Claude Deschênes led the room as if she was the leader of some insane cult. The audience was hypnotized as she commanded their attention and participation. At one point she pushed us to one side of the room so she could continue screaming where she wanted to be. Clouds that were hung on the ceiling with streamers were torn down as she rode a dude’s shoulders. She played the piano at the Garrison that I didn’t even know was functional before trashing the strange hymn. If you have the chance to see Duchess Says, take it. It was such an epic way to end Day 2.

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