[Album Review] Old Man Canyon- Delirium
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Release Date: January 15th, 2016
Label: Independent

“In My Head” is as good a song as any to exemplify what is going on in ‘Delerium’. It starts out with promise – the quavering synthesizer sounds eerie, as if we are in for something mysterious and intriguing. Unfortunately, the synthesizer line quickly evolves into a component of a very standard pop rhythm. When Jett Pace’s vocals kick in the matter is confirmed – this is well-travelled synthpop territory. It’s the kind of electronic-based pseudo-soul that’s been kicking around since English acts starting doing it as the punk/new wave explosion cooled off.

That’s not to say that Pace’s music lacks any artistic merit. His use of analogue-sounding synths, for example, does set him apart from today’s contemporary pop pack. And I genuinely do believe that his intentions are to use his inherent creativity to transform the mundane into the special. Unfortunately, all of his efforts are not enough, because in seeking a broader common ground he winds up sounding too much like the great crowd of commercial music that he seems to be trying to rise above.

That said, there are definitely moments of promise. There are times during “Sugar City” when you just float away on the trippy music, and “Chances” is an intricate work of clever indie pop, with virtually no trace of the bland trappings of contemporary music. These moments clearly illustrate how talented and inventive Pace can be, making it all the more frustrating when you listen to the conventionality in the bulk of the album’s content.