FOXTROTT, Calvin Love, Keita Juma, Blunt Chunks, Organ Mood @ The Garrison 2/12/2016 #WL16

Last night, Wavelength kicked off it’s 16th birthday celebrations via it’s annual music festival. This year’s night festivities take place at The Garrison, instead of different venues every night. The first night included performances by FOXTROTT, Calvin Love, Keita Juma, Blunt Chunks and Organ Mood.

Organ Mood had a huge set up for their performance that included a giant cloth screen which played projections made from old school overhead projectors. You know the kind they had in school 10 years ago! They only had 30 minutes but each song delighted the audience in a different way with frequent audience engagement. The first song recorded live heartbeats and used them to compose the track. Another featured a strange string instrument that anybody could play. We ended the set with the full audience with shakers.

The experimental folk stylings of Blunt Chunks continued the night, filling in last minute for cancelled act Programm. She looped her own guitar and voice into a psychedelic frenzy.

I love that Wavelength encompasses all genres and one that I’m always excited to see at the festival is hip-hop, diversifying the audience that comes out to the events. Keita Juma’s rap brought energy to the party with his lyrics including “Call Me Juma” which was rapped over Jamie XX’s “Gosh”.

Calvin Love dressed as if plucked from a 70s album cover of some sort in a flashy white suit. He got the audience into a dancing frenzy near the end.

Foxtrott headlined the night with their peculiar rendition of electropop. It’s always cool to hear how the French Horn gets included and transformed live in their tracks. It’s hard not to be grooving to their set and it was guaranteed that Foxtrott earned some new fans who may not have previously heard their music.

Now off to the next day of festivities!