S.H.I.T, VCR, New Fries, Teenanger @ Galleria Mall 1/30/2016 #LongWinterGalleria

On Saturday night, the old dreary Galleria Mall (which happens to be my neighbourhood mall) became Long Winter’s playground. Inside you could find a real life version of Bunz Trading Zone, a person doing nail art, a huge silver pigeon head, a bizarre fashion show, sand art and other strange things spread throughout the space.

There were two specific rooms that were licensed for alcohol at this all ages event. One was a dance party labelled Shopper Dance Mart featuring sets by Kehdo, Hudson Alexander, Viscera, Kare, Burglar and Sistem. Flyers were even handed out that were parody of Shoppers Drug Mart ones. The other room was more of a hangout room with a wine fountain. Yes a WINE FOUNTAIN.

The stage for the majorly punk acts was set in the middle, where they usually have the sad Santa castle and nativity scene. Teenanger were the first to test out playing in front of a Dollarama. It was loud, but that’s how punk shows are supposed to be.

Following New Fries blessed the crowd with their album Fresh Face Forward which by the way they just released on pink vinyl here.

With an attitude that exclaimed “no fucks given” VCR took stage wearing sun glasses and a hat. At some point a dude with no pants I think started playing the saxophone. I ended my night to the craziness that is S.H.I.T. and their aggressive mosh pit (yes! in the mall).

Ironically, the next day I dragged my hungover ass to a panel that discussed “What Is A Music City?” The answer to that question had already been answered the night before. We need more groups like Long Winter that fight to put not just music but art and a community in unconventional places. We need institutions to knock down the barriers that make it difficult for stuff like this to happen. But it’s not impossible. The large crowd of people so willing to go to a decrepit mall just to feel like they were part of something big showed our hunger for things like this to happen more often.