[Album Review] Casey Mecija- Psychic Materials
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Release Date: January 12th, 2016
Label: Independent

When Ohbijou wrote its obituary  back in mid-2013, I was sad about it. They had been a big part of why I fell in love with and started writing about Canadian music. In fact, I dedicated an entire week on the blog One Week One Band to talking about them after their final farewell filled with friends in Toronto. Then this year without much PR, Casey Mecija dropped an album called Psychic Materials on Bandcamp.

“The words are not enough they are hard to trust,” sings the opener “This War is More Than Us”. Though it refers to a fragile love I think it’s resonance also of the desire to continually create music. This is a personal album taking us through intimate themes of love and belonging through soundscapes that are dreamy. 

Mecija utilizes elements that made Ohbijou’s music so powerful, repeating the most powerful lines so that you indeed hear them, “she said it’s dangerous the isolation of a dream” (“Palms Lose”).  “Sounds That Mark Our Words” reflects on a personal journey to her homeland of the Philippines.  One of my personal favourites is the mixture of analogue electropop-like textures of “We Feel the Same”. “Condo City” sings of a depression and getting lost in a big city, a smallness that we occasionally do feel in Toronto.

“Dreaming is a pattern caught in darkness. We make pain the surface for a memory,” Mecija sings in “The Otherside of Concrete”. These nuggets of gold are what keep me coming back to all Casey Mecija’s musical projects and Psychic Materials will fill your Ohbijou void.