Brand-spankin’ new video from RTT favourite Nicholas Krgovich.

“I wrote Sunset Tower on April 12th, 2009,” says Krgovich. “I was house sitting for my friends that weekend, spending most of the time at their wonky out of tune piano in the living room. This song fits into the ‘song written in 3/4 that doesn’t sound like a waltz’ category which I like. Their house got demolished over a year ago and now when I walk past it it’s just a pile of dirt with tall weeds growing everywhere. I remember feeling like Alicia Keys when I wrote the main piano part and the speaker in the song reminds me a bit of Joe from the Scott Walker song ‘Joe’ if he somehow ended up at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Or maybe a character out of a Rod McKuen poem. That’s where the illicitness and dark comes in I guess? Pretty happy that I managed to fit the word ‘bathroom’ into the lyric sheet too.”