Remember “Gold Rush Lady”? Well this latest single from Minotaurs may even up the ‘cool’ factor another notch. Featuring Jonas Bonetta of Evening Hymns adds mellotron, drone and vocals, “Blind Luck” is a heady, almost toxic, brew of trip-hop and ’70s afro-funk. It is also unapologetically political.

“This song is riffing on the idea of privilege in today’s world, how those who have it generally feel they deserve it.” says band member Nate Lawr. “The flip side of this idea, of course, is those without it also deserve to be without it. This basic idea, most often unspoken, underpins so much of the world today and it is a total fallacy. If you’re rich, sure, you probably work hard blabbety-blah but it’s mostly a matter of blind luck, being born into the right context. And sometimes I think if we humans were a little more grateful, gave a few more nods toward this luck, we’d be more generous, more gracious to other human beings. That sense of entitlement that scum-bags like Trump exude, is a cancer in this world. Plain and simple.”