10. JOOJ- Shoulders & Whispers  

Sook-Yin Lee’s eerie video explores the intense vulnerability of solitude.

9. The Wax Girl- Nuclear Winter

The Wax Girl present an animated video that matches the fragileness of the tune.

8. Rah Rah- Chip Off the Heart

Explore the bizarre stop-motion world with Rah Rah. Tingling your senses with colour at every turn.

7. Milk & Bone- Coconut Water

This story of forbidden love ends quite bizzarely but we won’t spoil it for you, watch it.

6. Pup- Dark Days

Pup animate themselves to tell the tale of their tour life.

5. Ryan Hemsworth- Surrounded

RYAN HEMSWORTH – SURROUNDED from Martin C. Pariseau on Vimeo.

Hemsworth explores virtual reality and gives us a taste of the eerie future of concerts.

4. The Elwins- So Down Low

Many post-it notes are used in the making of this video.

3. Braids- Miniskirt

Braids explores the commodification and control of femininity

2. Grimes- Flesh Without Blood/Living in a vivid dream

In this two-song video Grimes makes the wildest video while singing about letting someone go.

1. Kalle Mattson- Avalanche

Kalle Mattson pays tribute to 35 iconic album covers.