[Album Review] We Are The City- Above Club
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Release Date: November 13th, 2015
Label: Boompa/Tooth & Nail/Sinnbus

With ‘Above Club’ We Are The City comes up with an album that is artsy and experimental in its creative approach and yet lighthearted and poppy in its delivery. Although singer Cayne McKenzie croons playfully as if he’s pretending to an R&b star, all of this fun is contradicted by the band’s seriously clever compositions.

WATC drives the point home clearly with “Club Music”. Yes, the bouncy chiptune would seem to match the track’s title at first but as the song progresses the richness of the jungle-like music becomes more apparent. When it breaks out into the chorus things sound more like The Knife than anything on pop radio. Throughout the entire album there is complexity to the rhythm, beat and song structure akin to Animal Collective. By the time “Lovers In All Things” comes around all pretense of being mainstream is abandoned – with its stuttering percussion, stops and starts, and woozy keyboards this is pure art rock.

You can enjoy songs like “Kiss Me, Honey” simply as fun music with a great beat (“…pop hooks like jokes in the funny paper…”), but WATC’s artistry provides a much deeper level of satisfaction.