[Album Review] Gang Signs- Geist
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Release Date: October 2nd, 2015
Label: File Under: Music

Let’s face it, dark synth music never really goes out of style. Unfortunately, that means we have to put up with a lot of pointless Depeche-Mode-wanna-be music. Then, on the brighter side, you get the likes of Peter Ricq and company who know how to keep this stuff fresh, even though they may not exactly be breaking any new ground.

Gang Signs are at their best when things are mysterious, such as on the hypnotic and dark “Mate”. Yes, it’s evocative of ’80s British synth rock, but it channels the good stuff, like Thompson Twins or OMD at their very finest. However, things aren’t so great when the music leans too much into contemporary R&B (“Tonight” and “Heist”).

Ricq has the knack of coming up with catchy electronic sequences, and when you combine that with some inventive guitar work you have the basis of a good tune. However, therein lies one of the problems – the rhythm and beat are laid down but then the songs just don’t progress. In short doses this can be fine – there’s nothing wrong with a good mood-inducing synth rhythm – but over the course of 10 songs you start to yearn for something more.

Gang Signs are very good at what they do, make no mistake, but they need to break the mold in order to do something memorable.