huge cosmic

A Weird Tuesday EP highlight:

If you’re not a fan of skramz then you may as well scram. However, if you are feeling adventurous and a little on the experimental side then this double shot of Huge Cosmic and Terry Green is a nifty little package. Things open up with “What the…”, an odd concoction of mathy pop and noisy post-rock from Green. With “Instant Relief” the change-ups become even more erratic with slow pop groove leading into jangly guitar and then some mathy noodling, and back again. Oh, and there’s screaming. Huge Cosmic’s take on things isn’t drastically different on “Danny Bombs the Universe”, although they throw “folk” vocals, near-spoken lyrics and some metal into the mix. “Garmonbonzai” is perhaps the best track, not because it features no screaming but because the insistent guitar finally leads to a satisfying metallic climax.