Our good friend Adrian Duncan has finally released his highly anticipated project Tape Quality. When he hit me about featuring it on our site I knew right away we needed to make it happen. I remember listening to his track “Intentions” back in the summer. And it really blew me away from the classical beat to the lyrics that all combined to create this perfect story.

What I like about Adrian Duncan is that he doesn’t follow the typical trends that many new rappers end up falling into. He doesn’t rap about doing drugs, all this money he has or all the women he gets. Adrian raps about his real life, letting you know what it is really like to be him. The 8-track project really delves deep into the life of Adrian talking about love, pain, his past and his present.

One of my favourite tracks on Tape Quality is “Floetry” a song that’s only about 2 minutes but will have your ears pressed against the speakers the whole time. A few other songs that I’m in love with are “Changes” and “Venting”. While listening to Tape Quality you can expect classical, jazzy beats with smooth flow and well thought-out lyrics. Here at Ride The Tempo we are proud to present Tape Quality by the insanely talented Adrian Duncan.