bodies that matter

A Weird Tuesday EP highlight:

At first blush (if you can call a listen a ‘blush’) ‘Glorify! Glorify! Glorify!’ may come off sounding like an exercise in ambience, with vocals being used as another background instrument. Maybe not such a bad way to look at it. However, there is a sincerity in the vocal delivery that promises depth of meaning, even though the precise meaning is difficult to discern. Ian McPhedran’s voice is processed to make it sound distant and a little distorted, hence his words are not easy to make out. Not that it matters because it is all about auditory effect (isn’t all music?) and this approach works well when matched with McPhedran’s wooden thumping beat and hazy instrumentation. At times you can drift off in a pleasant mesmerized daze, but there is also a surprising variety in the melody — from the bluesy “Nobody Waved Goodbye” and folksy “Julia Plus” to the more chilling no-wave of “For Coffins Sacrificed to Heaven”. Guaranteed that your appreciation will grow with repeated listens.