special costello

A Weird Tuesday EP highlight:

Personal battles with demons of the psyche play out in brilliant musical form. In “Moist Heat”, for instance, things that are irritating or irksome, such as an electronic buzz or throb, can become soothing as you let them seep in past your layer of judgement. On a more dramatic scale, “Mental State” takes us on journey in a slowly evolving stoner epic – from a feeling of discomfort on through to place of hellish frustration. Finally there is a exorcism of sorts in a great noisy wash of electric music.

On the two opening tracks Jeremy (Special) Costello’s insight is more literally expressed in the form of song. “I feel like the world has swallowed me whole” he states in “Late Night”. “I float like a star above the wending pathways/I am a part of it although I reject it” This sense of separation is again expressed with the song’s refrain (mantra): “I’ve always believed that I just don’t belong”

‘SOFT/TRON’ is nothing short of one of the best Canadian EPs this year. There is childlike wonder in his heartfelt pop, emotional confusion in his synthesizer swirls, sharp metal stabs of despair, and stoned detachment in electric ambience.