FrETZ, The Flowers of Hell, V ∆ N E S S ∆ and Hit the North @ Lee’s Palace 10/8/2015

On Thursday night a benefit concert was held to raise money for Ronnie Morris, the bassist of controller.controller who suffered a stroke on April 24th, only two months after I saw the band reunite after 8 years. Though he survived the stroke, there were various complications that will require him to have continuous medical treatment and medical bills that will pile up.

The night saw friends gathering to raise money through raffles and performances. 3 of the bands that Ronnie was a part of were performers of the night in some form (Controller.Controller, The Flowers of Hell and Lioness).

Members of Controller.Controller, Uncut and Two Koreas performed together as Hit the North! They played a bunch of Brit-rock covers including The Stone Roses “Made of Stone” and New Order’s “Leave Me Alone”. Lioness’ lead singer Vanessa Fischer was enchanting as she performed solo as V ∆ N E S S ∆.

Toronto members from the retro Flowers of Hell put on an angelic performance of what sounded like operatic arias in the modern world.

Tokyo Police Club’s Dave Monks teased his release All Signs Point to Yes with light-hearted pop tunes with just an acoustic guitar.

The highlight of the night was Fresh Snow and METZ performing together as FrETZ. It was the loudness of a METZ show mixed with the experimental electronics of Fresh snow in harmonic bliss.

The night showed how the community can come together for those in need.

You can donate to Ronnie here.