Coeur de pirate @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre 10/7/2015

French songstress Coeur de pirate packed The Phoenix Concert Theatre Wednesday night in Toronto. Hot off the release of Roses, the night focused on cuts from the album.

It’s been 4 years since the release of Blonde, and Beatrice Martin’s sound has definitely matured. Instead of sitting by the piano, she mixed it up by adding a full band to both newer and old songs.

Pirate sweetly joked around that the audience skipped the Leafs game (which was vs. Montreal’s Habs) to be there and announced that the Habs had won in the middle of the set. She kept the banter light asking the audience if any of them was on a Tinder date and dedicated “The Way Back Home” to her daughter Romy.

Fans were receptive of new songs which included “Ocean’s Brawl” and “Our Love” and sung along to all the classics. Martin’s voice which is unique in quality always shined through despite the larger arrangements.

One of the greatest moments was when she did a beautiful piano ballad of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”, playing homage to the city she was playing in.

She kept the audience on their feet as they waited to hear the lead single from Roses “Carry On”. When her main set-list was done she walked off and came back shortly after.

“I haven’t played my two important songs yet,” she teased. Then she closed the night with an audience sing-a-long to “Comme des enfants” and “Carry On”. The popularity of her bilingual performance proved that music is beyond language and that she has found the perfect balance between an English and French setlist.