Mieke w/ Good Ghost @ The Drake Underground 9/9/2015

On Wednesday, Mieke celebrated the release of her self-titled EP at the Drake Underground.

Opening the night were Oshawa Ontario’s GoodGhost, who so far only have a few demos on their Soundcloud. Lead singer displayed calm control with her sweet effortless vocals. Underneath were soulful beats. They surprised the audience with a fantastic cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” done in their own style. I enjoyed a slightly more upbeat song called “Ivory & Gold”. They ended their set with “Arcadia” which started about a bit messy but they made light of it and ended strongly.

Mieke began her set solo performing older songs like “When I Met You” with just a keyboard. “I want you to like me, but I don’t really care,” said Mieke. She writes songs because it’s engrained in her, and the audience is a bonus. Her recent EP is about liking yourself and embracing everything after all.

Her band which included producer Don Kerr joined her on stage as she began her EP with “Sleeping Alone”, which sounds just as amazing live as it does on record. She was then joined by friends on the rest of the record. Noticeable faces included Youtube Star Andrew Huang. Endearing and hilarous stage banter also made Mieke super likable on stage. She compared the song “Vulture” to the time she tried to pet what looked like an adorable cat but turned out to be a racoon and still had the residual feelings of thinking it was a cat, except the song was about a man. She told it better than me in person.

She ended her set with the EP closer “Move On” as the audience full of friends of all kinds held on to her every word.