[Album Review] The Weeknd- Beauty Behind the Madness
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Release Date: August 28th, 2015
Label: XO/Republic Records

I’ve been trying to find words how to describe the Weeknd’s 2nd studio album to you. It’s funny I’m a writer and yet I couldn’t put two words together about how amazing Beauty Behind The Madness is.

The 14 track album is absolutely perfect and will be the project to propel The Weeknd further into pop stardom. Beauty Behind The Madness starts out hard as a mess of sounds blast through your speakers in the track “Real Life”. It smooth’s out as Abel’s vocals chimes in, he conquerors the dark beat turning it into something beautiful.  The fact that every song on this album is more than 3 minutes long makes me happy. There is no filler, just straight music. He worked his ass off to bring us 14 full tracks. He’s not playing around. Also the only features he has on Beauty Behind The Madness are with other singers. He doesn’t find the need to have a rapper fill one of the songs with a verse.

The features he has on here are very well picked. The first one is “Labrinth” as his vocals blend with The Weeknd’s on “Losers”.  A piano filled song where you can hear them trade verses with lyrics like “only losers go to school”. You don’t get the next two features until later on in the album.

Ed Sheeran makes an appearance on the song “Dark Times” Ed starts the song as a guitar riff plays. It starts out like a song you could hear on Sheeran’s album then the beat gets a little heavier on the chorus. Oh did I forget to mention that Lana Del Rey is also on Beauty Behind The Madness? Well she is and WOW is all I have to say. You get a lot on this album from really confident boosting songs like “Tell Your Friends”  and of course the beautiful love songs like “Angel”. After listening to this album a few times you start to hear a story. It sounds like he’s telling tale of a relationship he once had. An example of this would be “Acquainted” that then goes into “Can’t Feel My Face”. On “Acquainted”  The Weeknd talks about how happy he is that they were acquainted. After meeting this girl he has fallen for her and now he can’t feel his face when he’s with her. That’s when the next song comes in. Honestly this album is a masterpiece there is no way you can be disappointed with Beauty Behind The Madness.