Do Make Say Think, The Weather Station, Absolutely Free, Loscil, Pierre Kwenders, Avec le soleil sortent de sa bouche, Anamai, Scattered Clouds, Joyfultalk @ Camp Wavelength Day 3 8/30/2015

Camp Wavelength was by far the most intriguing musically, taking the listener to all sorts of sonic journeys. The day began with the experimental electronic playfulness of Joyfultalk who twisted knobs of sound on stage.

We were then welcomed into the apocalypse that is Montreal’s Scattered Clouds. Their post-rock had a side of death to it, contrasting with the sunny blue skies that were above. I seriously dug it. We were then welcomed into the swamp world of Anamai, who were angelic in comparison.

Thinks picked up with avant-funksters Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche who gave attendees something to groove to. Pierre Kwenders continued the party with music in over 5 languages, blending African influences with Western electronic and hip-hop. Kwenders doesn’t tour Toronto often but he is not to be ignored. He’s been long-listed for Polaris as well nominated for a Juno Award this year.

Loscil’s ambient tunes soothed the soul, but there wasn’t much to watch so we used it as a soundtrack as we walked along the camp beaches and played some ping pong. Through some bushes, we found two members of Absolutely Free jamming. How they powered their amps and keyboards, I still do not know.

When we got back to the main stage, The Weather Station sang to us as the sun set. Tamara Lindeman were joined by many friends on stage: Afie Jurvanen (Bahamas) on drums; Felicity Williams and Ivy Mairi on backup vocals; Ben Whitely (from New Country Rehab) on bass. With such seasoned players they balanced all the soft-gentle harmonies of Loyalty sublimely.

The closer of the festival was 20 year old post-rockers Do Make Say Think who managed to keep different generations of people in the scene interested in their music all these years. A 5 year old could be seen enjoying it alongside his dad. Bands that played that weekend were still present, hanging around among the audience as fans. It’s a reminder in this festival saturated summer that it’s not the big names that make the experience special, it’s the community of people that you share it with.