Holy Fuck, Doldrums, Dirty Frigs, Kurt Marble @ Camp Wavelength Day 1 8/28/2015

The inaugural Camp Wavelength took place this weekend on Toronto Island at Artscape Gibraltar Point, which was hope to the prior All Caps Music Festival laid to rest in 2013. But if you were a former lover of All Caps, Camp Wavelength proved to be even bigger more ambitious, and uh, weirder.

Maylee Todd was the MC for the majority over the weekend. Before introducing the first act, Kurt Marble, Todd gave blow job tips on stage. This apparently came up because Kurt actually runs the twitter account @_cosmo_sex_tips. Marble kicked off the day with his garage-pop tunes with limited banter that mostly consisted of “hey guys, here’s another song”.

Dirty Frigs followed with their punk-infused psych rock. Bria Salmena never ceases to capture your attention with her vocal delivery.

“We’re on the island bitches, this ain’t the city no more,” exclaimed Airick Woodhead of Doldrums, and he was right. Camp Wavelenghth is unlike any other festival in the city. It’s remote place attracts the perfect crowd of people looking for a good time, including the artists who were seen throughout the weekend mingling with the audience. A DIY was being made in one corner, puzzle monster costumes in another. By the beach were art installations and late night performances (which I missed because I didn’t camp overnight).

Daniel Woodhead, who would also be playing that weekend, was on stage with his brother supporting him on electronics as Airick took to vocals and led the beginning of a dance party.

Holy Fuck continued that party with a rare performance of new songs. The band hasn’t officially released anything since 2010s Latin, but new music was debuted this night (as well as a secret set during NXNE). It’s crazy how cool they can make manipulating noise into dance music look on stage. Brian Borcherdt even had a long reel of tape which he pulled to make a certain effect. Their screaming voices into a microphone turned into heavenly sounds.

As I left the island for the night, I was pumped for the return Saturday (which you can read about soon).