[Album Review] Hawksley Workman- Old Cheetah
2.5Overall Score
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Release Date: June 2nd, 2015
Label: Six Shooter Records

Hawksley Workman is far from slowing down as he released his latest project Old Cheetah. The album rings with electronic sounds as Hawksley’s vocals are sprinkled on top.

Old Cheetah begins with an intro that’s no longer than 30 seconds. The introduction hits your ears hard getting them prepared for what you are about to hear. It’s like a confusion of sounds from drums to synths, I’m pretty sure I said “what’s going on?!?!” at least 5 times while listening to this album.

One sound isn’t really prominent on Old Cheetah as Hawksley Workman really likes to switch it up. The song “Make Up Your Mind Tonight” is like an early 80’s pop song with a high pitched falsetto carrying the chorus. Whereas “We’re Not Broken Yet” is more of a slow piano ballad about how tough the world can be. Hawksley covers many themes like love, heart break, happiness, partying and Dracula. Did I forget to mention there is a 9 minute song called “1000 Miles Of Atmosphere”? Yeah 9 minutes long! See there is nothing wrong with an extremely long song only if it doesn’t get hella boring.

A good example of a perfect long song would be “American Pie” at the end of that song you wish it was longer! But with “1000 Miles Of Atmosphere” you find yourself skipping parts of the track and checking how much longer is left. It’s like 3 different songs mashed up into one. I do give him major props though for taking on a 9 minute song like that. The music is very progressional in the sound and instruments used. The first half of Old Cheetah is very electronic but the further on you get you can hear more classical instruments like the piano, trumpet and even the harmonic which is present on the song  “A Special Pride”. My two favourite songs on this album have to be “Make Up Your Mind Tonight” and “Winter Bird” both really up beat and are not drowned out with too many confusing sounds. It seems like Hawsley is trying to spice things up and do his own thing on Old Cheetah.