Ride the Tempo Presents: Weirdest Tuesday

A compilation of some of our favourite tracks from our Weird Tuesday feature. Every Tuesday we present the offbeat, the unconventional, the off-kilter, the experimental, the outré, the just plain damn strange. This handpicked selection includes music from every corner of the country.

We are pleased to include music by:

Kount Rotttula, The Velveteins, ¡FLIST!, Dog Is Blue, Terra, leeky tearducts, Counterfeit Jeans, Blackpaw Society, Marie Davidson, The Cyrillic Typewriter, Homo Monstrous, Yao Guai Cave, Tigerwing, BLÜ SHORTS, Tire Swing Co., Freak Heat Waves, Sea nymph science, Fantasy Creeps, The Royal Iguana Fur, Hearse, Bondar, Red Panda.

You can download a copy for free or purchase a uniquely designed CD version for just $5. Go to our Bandcamp site:

Weirdest Tuesday on Bandcamp