Tough Age, Brat Kings, Christian Punk Band @ The Silver Dollar 8/15/2015

After Time Festival on Saturday night, I headed over to the Silver Dollar for Tough Age’s last show in a little while since the members are focusing on other projects (like Century Palm!).

When I walked in Christian Punk Band were playing. Despite the bandname, they don’t exist to preach religion. Rather, they are a pop punk band led by a dude named Christian Turner. But punk can be some people’s religion right?

Next up was garage-punk rockers Brat Kings who’s bright sound mixed with drug-related contexts were perfect party music for the clock as it neared midnight.

Tough Age went on passed midnight (after I had a full day at TIME), but they were worth the wait. Their set focused on the latest release I Get The Feeling Central. My personal favourite includes the melodic “Snakes & Ladders”, “Warm Hair” and “New Orleans Square”. I loved the non-seriousness vibe that emitted from their set, it was all in good fun.

I’ve been so saturated with festivals lately that I forgot how much like home a club show feels.