[Album Review] Mac DeMarco- Another One
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Release Date: August 7th, 2015
Label: Captured Tracks

At first glance it’s hard to take Mac DeMarco seriously. He’s like the class clown, who enjoys being silly and making people laugh. From the time I first saw him as Makeout Videotape he’s always maintained that persona. Despite the non-serious demeanour he’s managed to establish his own sound. The first strum of guitar (whether you’ve heard the song or not) instantly identifies him. There’s very few artists that have developed their own timbre that way in this generation.

Fans of Mac will dig the latest Another One, if you’ve never liked him this won’t turn you because there’s not really a distinguished difference between his previous albums, unless you count confidence, but even then, he was always sure of himself. His songs are still jangly-chill pop right from the sweet love song opener “The Way You’d Loved Her”. Mac DeMarco’s quiet reverby croons on “Another One” are almost creepy when paired with the synth melody.

The songs on this album are rather tender and loving and at some points (“No Other Heart”) tongue-and-cheek, borderline cute, but you know that DeMarco will pair it with some weird video or frantic live performance. DeMarco seems heartbroken at times, lamenting an ex that is with another. Did he break up with his long time girlfriend? Another One  is like a bunch of unravelling feelings that DeMarco felt it mandatory to release.

Some songs are so simple. “Just To Put Me Down” probably mentions the title a bajillion times over some cool guitar solos and vocal “wah wahs.” The album plays very well in summers, during the days when time slows and teens have their whole lives still ahead of them. If you listened carefully enough to the waves at the end of the album “My House By The Water” even invites you to have a cup of coffee in his New York apartment. I wonder if anyone actually has.

The 8 songs clock in at 24 minutes, and maintains very much Mac DeMarco, nothing out of the box, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as we all love him the way he is. This is “another” strong release and I think he knew that when he chose the title.