[Album Review] No Joy- More Faithful
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Release Date: June 9th, 2015
Label: Arts & Crafts/Mexican Summer

If you thought Wait to Pleasure, had it’s bizarre moments, No Joy continues the weird shoegaze route with their latest album More Faithful the Montreal shoegaze band’s third full length.

Right off with “Remember Nothing” they blast you with a wall of noise. The band’s vocals remain hidden under a shroud of guitars riffs, and reverb, which allows them to repeat phrases over and over without the listener growing tired of it (“Everything New”, “Moon in My Mouth”).  The voice is more of a decoration, like another instrument to be blended into the whole arrangement rather than something that stands out and is highlighted.

There’s a post-apocalypse feeling within, there’s a darkness created by the fuzziness but the bright vocals of Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd’s provide that gleaming beam of light at the end of the tunnel. Songs like “Hollywood Teeth” starts off optimistic and glistening until a warp of key that brings it back to the negaverse (which coincidentally is the name of one of their earlier albums).

Those looking to go beyond dreamy to somewhat manic will be satisfied by the quicker-paced “Corpo Daemon” with twangy guitars. This however isn’t a record for all listeners, I could see how it could be quickly pass it on as it is frequently turbulent, uncomfortable, the band is not here to resolve their own tensions. In fact the album is sort of about confronting stuff, and what better way to illustrate that than make you feel completely uncomfortable? All the different layers of “Chalk Snake” (and every track really) are brilliant individually, but such beautiful cacophony together until “Judith” drives you to the very end.