RTT favourite The Wax Girl (Alex Wright) has a new single and an accompanying video. We are pleased to premiere both, right here, right now.

‘Onwards’ is the meditative feeling of travelling through the passage of time and space,” says Wright, “with each moment unfolding in its own unique snapshot, awakening a sense that the past, present and future are all happening at once. It’s knowing that motion changes perspective, and that each coordinate has a different angle in relation to each event that takes place in our lives. It’s the serenity that comes with the realization that not everything in life requires an explanation, and that it’s OK to let go of whatever might be haunting us.”

As with the ‘Anosmic’ EP, the cover art for ‘Onwards’ was created by Montreal-based artist, and Alex Wright’s brother, Max Wright. The piece is titled ‘Passenger 5’ and was created in 2009.

All proceeds from ‘Onwards’ go to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

The video is a work of stark beauty. Wright’s delicate music is brought to life by dancer Siobhan Latimer. In turn, Latimer’s performance in the bare confines of a gymnasium is captured by the sympathetic eye of director Edward Platero.

Purchase a copy or stream the song at Bandcamp: