[Album Review] Moka Only- Magickal Weirdness
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Release Date: July 17th, 2015
Label: Urbnet

Canadian hip hop legend Moka Only dropped his newest album Magickal Weirdness. The Juno Award winning rapper continues to increase his incredible discography with this 32 track project. Yes you read that correctly 32 songs on one album!

That was one of the issues I had about this album, it is packed with way too many songs. Maybe split it up into two albums? I feel like there is just too much to go through and the really good songs get lost in the mix. With that being said on Magickal Weirdness you can find old school sounding beats and crazy lyrics.

Moka Only is defiantly a master of vocabulary and his weapon of choice is the pen. Most of the album is slow and smooth brining you back in time to the 90’s. The instrumentals help compliment Moka Only’s rhymes while getting your head to bounce on songs like “Hit The Nail”, “Away To You” and “No”. “No” is one of my favourite songs off the album as it has this really catchy piano beat.

Moka Only takes down the beat as he lets his ex-girlfriends know “thank you for nothing”. His vocals really shine on the chorus as he brings this song to life. Another issue I had with Magickal Weirdness is that none of the songs are longer than 3 minutes. So you have 20 songs that are less than 2 minutes long. That really bothered me because when I would get into a song like “Startin’ Out” it would end a few seconds later. To me a lot of these tracks sounded more like freestyles over beats then actual songs.

This album is really different from what I usually listen to; as there wasn’t really a cohesive story. It was more just Moka Only spitting some really lyrical rhymes over old school beats. If you like old school sounding rap and something with really creative lyrics than this is the album for you. But if you like an album that really tells a story or is more than just bars this may not be the album you’re looking for. Moka Only fans will be happy as this will keep their iTunes playlist busy untill he puts out another project.