Brandon Flowers, Broods, St. Vincent, July Talk, Brave Shores, Chad Vangaalen, Weaves, Lost Cousin, Evening Hymns @ WayHome Festival Day 3 7/26/2015

The sun continued to shine brightly through the final day of WayHome. It was the hottest day of the weekend. Impressively, the festival had adjusted to things they learned the previous days. More washrooms were added by WayAway and WayBright, the breakfast lines were adjusted. This was an organized group of people. By far the most extraordinary feat was the fields were spotless every morning even if it was filled with beer cans the night before. There was no way anyone would wake up to take a Pemberton-esque photo. Sunday morning even had a WayChurch where a sermon was delivered by Bruxy Cavey.

We began our day with Evening Hymns who seem to be slowly leaving their cabin of sadness in the woods as they teased some newer, fast paced tunes. Fans of the sad songs did get their fill too with an emotional rendition of “You and Jake” from Spectral Dusk. 

Kingston, Ontario’s Lost Cousin kicked off WayAway with a new song before delving into their EP Not Now What We Were. Their guitarist doubled on sax and gave the audience a cooling solo. Members switched their parts frequently including for “Feel an Emotion” and the drummer took vocal reigns on “Drift.

Toronto’s Weaves have been taking the festival route by storm lately, including a trip to Glastonbury so it was nice to have them close to home again at WayHome. The entire band did their part to keep the crowd entertained. Jasmyn Burke kept her playful demeanor and Morgan Waters sang into the F-hole of his guitar for “Shit Hole”.

Funny-man Chad Vangaalen indulged the audience with a story of catching some person chain-pooping through the woods as well as other weird lessons in life in between songs that were played on what looked like a children’s guitar. I couldn’t tell if people were more entertained by his music or his weird banter. But as weird as it was, the world of his music was the appropriate backdrop to some of these stories.

Indie-popsters Brave Shores dazzled with their sunny tunes that were just so appropriate for the festival, including fan favourite “Never Come Down” (the song in the Coke & FIFA commercials). July Talk delivered another unexpected set over at WayBright. Leah Fay jumped into the hands of the security guards who allowed her to walk along the railings and take a swig of Jager from someone. Peter & Leah played off each other’s energy pulling and tugging at each other but it was always understandable that there was a mutual respect between the two.

Annie Clark aka St. Vincent was an excellent excuse to make a trip over to the big stage. She was a enthralling figure in a futuristic sort of see-through suit. Bandmate Toko Yasuda synchronized her movements to Clark. A pink platform provided a higher stage for “Cheerleader”. There were some minor technical difficulties and Clark was up for the challenge as she performed “Dig a Pony” by the Beatles by herself. It’s amazing that the “Digital Witness” singer can be so real. Annie Clark is perfection.

New Zealand brother/sister duo Broods gave us some cover from the sun as she delivered her synth-filled tunes including the beloved “Bridges”.

Before making our literal way home we caught part of Brandon Flower‘s set. He was promoting his new album The Desired Effect but fans of The Killers were granted their wishes as he covered “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” and “Read My Mind” in his “Brandon Flowers” kind of glamy way of course.

We were really sad to leave WayHome early but needed to beat traffic. The weekend was magical and one of the best we had ever experienced at the first year of a festival. The vibes were friendly (people gave us high fives and peace signs everywhere), there were jam sessions and parties at night. This was a place where everybody belonged, like a home away from home.

We’ll have to wait a year but WayHome has already teased the dates for 2016: July 22-24th!