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With another day full of rain upon us, the show-goers seemed to be much more prepared and excited regardless of the weather. In typical celtic-punk fashion (is that a thing?), Dropkick Murphys ran onto the stage playing fast and loud with an insane and infectious energy. The crowd was filled with not only Canadians but also those right from Ireland, with almost as much green garb in the audience as you’d see on St. Patrick’s Day.


Moving to the Canadian stage to see Lowell for my second time, the electro-pop musician performed in her unique raw style. As she sang and played on the synthesizer, she was backed up by her trusty guitarist, Matty D, and drummer, Joel. As the rain poured, it only seemed to add to her incredibly catchy lyrics. She was quite excited, as was the crowd, when she started into a few new songs, and finished with an extended version of “The Bells” where she moved down to the barricade and had the whole audience singing along.

Purity Ring

Purity Ring may have began their set fifteen minutes late due to staging and the rain but it was well worth it. The electronic duo performed amongst a shadowy but futuristic lighting set up that pulsed and twinkled along with the beat. Touching on all of their hits, with “Push Pull” performed early on in the set, vocalist Megan James moved in an almost staccato manner while singing in her signature high and soft tone. Hanging back as DJ, Corin Roddick not only ensured the beats were bold and melodic but also played drums in a sense as there was a set of crystal shaped lights on poles while he would hit in time with the music to add a little something extra. James’ outfit was reminiscent of a sailor scout and the set as a whole was entirely out of this world.

Photos courtesy of Mark Horton, Lowell & Ottawa Bluesfest.