[Album Review] Tearjerker- Stay Wild
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Release Date: July 17th, 2015
Label: Independent

Tearjerker misleads us when they open up this album with the title track. It’s a lively song that’s all about freedom and is meant to be listened to while driving with the top down. It’s great. Thing is though, that’s not what this record is about. It’s not about going wild or kicking out the jams. It’s introverted, not extroverted. And it’s a beautiful thing.

The songs on ‘Stay Wild’ mesmerize you, lulling you into a near-trance. This isn’t so much a matter of tempo (although most of the tracks are at a slow pace) but the atmosphere that the three musicians create. At the centre of things is Micah Bonte’s androgynous voice, but the trick lies in how they often detach his vocals from the main music so they sound free and untethered (note, for example, “Parking Lot” or “It Takes Time”). They have other tricks up their sleeves, however, such as the hypnotic repetitive patterns or the way they can make the vocals sound muddy and indistinct (“Perfect”, e.g.).

Above all else, ‘Stay Wild’ is an exercise in careful and subtle arrangement. This is particularly evident on the intriguing intros and outros, which are put to good use as both punctuation and for setting mood. Consider, for instance, the closing track “Heavy”, which starts with some industrial sounds that eventually break into the gentle atmospherics of the main song. In the outro the dreamy soundscape is extended with sweet guitar work and some psychedelic backward taping.

So, ‘Stay Wild’ is a summer record for you, just not the ‘freeway driving, wind in your hair’ variety. No, this is the ‘chill in your backyard and dig the universe’ variety. Go for it.