[Album Review] Yukon Blonde- On Blonde
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Release Date: June 23rd, 2015
Label: Dine Alone Records

If Yukon Blonde was going for summer album of the year they achieved that goal with On Blonde. The album starts out with the catchy song “Confused”, it had me dancing in seconds! “Confused” contains electronic sounds that gets carried by a bouncy guitar beat throughout the tune. I’m definitely not “Confused” that the song is going to be a hit.

A problem that I have with this album is that the transitions from song to song are really awkward as there isn’t much flow to it. Okay maybe I’m being a little picky but it something that caught my ear as each song ended and a new one started. Yukon Blonde really taps into the 70’s rock sound with On Blonde. The whole album has this psychedelic feel to it. You really get a sense for that on the love song “Make U Mine”. They even had a tambourine in this song! Oh tambourine how I missed you!

The album is a great way to pick yourself up from a bad break up or a really terrible day. It’s a sunny day packed into ten songs. You can find effects on Jeff Innes’s vocals throughout this album that gives each song a crisp sound. The background vocals from the other band members on songs like “I Wanna Be Your Man”, “Como” and “Jezebel” really hit you in the face giving those songs an extra punch of rock power.

This album resembles the story of someone in their 20’s trying to figure out life and going through multiple relationships to find the “one”. My favourite songs from On Blonde are “Saturday Night”, “Confused”, “Hannah” and “You Broke The Law”. All  songs are uniquely different as “Hannah” is a beautiful, slow love ballad where “Saturday Night” is a straight upbeat party tune. Any of these songs would be perfect for a summer road trip. Why not just listen to the whole thing on your way up to the cottage?