A few weeks ago I got invited to go check out the Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart at the Sound Séance festival in Toronto. I had no idea what to expect as I haven’t been to this type of show before. After work I headed down town and made my way to Geary Lane. The cab I was in stops at a commercial building on a street off the main road. I walk into this place that looks like a warehouse from the outside but looks like a studio apartment inside. It had this really cool, simple layout as the bands where on a small stage riser with a projector beaming trippy images behind them. They had a small kitchenette that was being used as a bar they served beer and wine. And on the roof patio they had a BBQ where you could get hamburgers!

It was really different from all the hip hop shows I usually go see but it had this really cool vibe to it. Jay Holy was the first band to take the stage as their name flashed on the wall behind them. They had this trippy sound that echoed through the room. Their sound was heavy with synths and reverb as their vocals sounded like they are underwater. I had trouble making out what they were saying but I enjoyed their sound which made me feel like I was in a 70’s psychedelic movie.

After their set everyone cleared the stage and started to mingle. It was like a house party which was really welcoming and made me feel at home. You could see people talking, dancing and just sitting on floor jamming out to music. The next band that went up had the most Toronto name I have ever heard. Everyone started to gather around the stage as Mimico picked up their instruments. The best way to describe their sound is music you would hear on a sci fi movie. It was really spacy with a harder rock feel underneath the sci-fi sound. 

Then Technical Kidman stepped up to unleash their metal, synth sounds. The band from Montreal put on an incredible set. The lead singer ran around the stage singing directly to the crowd. It was getting closer to midnight which meant Sunns + Jerusalem In My Heart were about to rock Geary Lane. While everyone was getting a drink I walked up to the front of the stage and waited patiently. Before the last band went on, one of the festival founders hopped up on stage. He talked about how this was the first year of Sound Séance but they had been putting on shows here for a few years. When I heard this was their first year putting on the festival, I was truly impressed. Everything ran so smoothly from the security all the way to the DJ’s. He went on to say that as a city of Toronto we need to support and help grow the experimental music scene. It’s true, not just with experimental music but with all genres.

We need to show our support for the local artists who make our wonderful city so vibrant with their musical sounds. I was deep in thought when Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart jumped on stage and took over the night. The crowd went crazy as they started to play their first note. I knew this was going to be a great set as the guy beside me kept saying “WOOOOO” after every song. Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart have this really calming sound at first then it picks up so fast it hits you like a ton of bricks. Their sound was so unique and fresh it’s really hard to describe. The Sound Séance is where experimental music comes to shine for a few days. Hopefully we will see many more years of music at Geary Avenue.