Lucius, San Fermin, Cathedrals, Lobby, FOXTROTT @ Adelaide Hall 6/18/2015

My destination for Thursday night of NXNE was the Red Bull Sound Select series at Adelaide Hall. They are usually very well curated so I trusted them to provide me with cool bands that I hadn’t seen live yet.

Beginning the night off early was Foxtrott, who I hadn’t previously seen play but my friends have for years. This time around however, there was a drummer added to the lineup. Their unique style of pop is a breath of fresh air. Live they have a french horn player whose horn frequently sounds synthesized somehow. It was cool. Marie-Hélène L. Delorme teased their debut album which will be released this November.

Next was Lobby, a band I think I would have liked more if I didn’t know what they looked like. I found their on-stage persona a little bit off-putting and fake, oh and they took forever to set up. For some weird reason there seemed to be a mess of cables to untangle after every set. I think the poor volunteers never took cord wrapping 101. Lobby’s shoegaze-pop was pleasant but their delivery wasn’t the most exciting.

The following band Cathedrals also took a relatively long time to setup and I felt a little bit bad for them because they had travelled from San Francisco and their set was cut short. They are not to be confused with the Canadian trip-hop duo by the same name.The four piece brought soulful pop to the hall and frontwoman Brodie Jenkins delivered stunning vocals as she swayed around in a black flowy cape-like dress.

I think the most people on stage at once this NXNE (of the sets I saw) was 8 and that was during Brooklyn’s San Fermin set. There was just so much going on in the ensemble. During their solid moments, they sounded great. Spots when the two vocalists were duetting were a bit strange, but I think that was more of a mixing problem. Despite this, they brought a party to Adelaide Hall and the audience was totally into it.

I capped off my night with Lucius, an indie-pop band from Brooklyn New York with friends Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig harmonizing so beautifully and dressing so similarly (with same hair colour too) that you’d swear they were sisters (but they really aren’t). Their hooks were infectious and it didn’t matter if it was your first time or your third time seeing them, it was guaranteed that you’d fall in love. They even culminated their set by performing a number in the middle of the audience.