A Weird Tuesday EP highlight:

This 4-track EP is actually a sampler of the longer album ‘Sunstroke’, which is set for release June 30th. “The Falls” starts off with swirling eerie sounds. A guitar then emerges from the murk to guide you to more familiar ground — the alternative psych-rock territory that Copilots call home. It’s a post-rock place, though, and not entirely conventional as the journey through is peppered with experimentation. In “Mountain of Time” the band heads more in a prog hard rock direction, and on “Defences” an avant groove provides a base for a grunge-flavoured pop rocker. The last track is arguably the best (it is hard to say because the fare is so eclectic). The pace ebbs and flows, but this is essentially a scorching psych post-rocker, with gothic atmosphere. Guesting on creepy violin is the ubiquitous Jesse Zubot (who also produced the record).

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