Suichu Blanco, White Cowbell Oklahoma, The Corsets @ The Silver Dollar 6/17/2015 #NXNE2015

This was the first year I entered NXNE with no real plan on what to hit up. In the past, I’d make myself complicated schedules on where to venue hope throughout the night or have a schedule made up for me because I was freelancing. I didn’t have time for any of that because of my day job so I went to places on a whim and decided to enjoy the festival while discovering things I hadn’t seen before.

On Wednesday night after some drinks and a visit to the NXNE hub, I headed to the Silver Dollar. As I arrived, Toronto rock n’ roll band The Corsets had already started their set. They were warming up the crowd on the craziness that was to come.

By crazy, I mean two things. White Cowbell Oklahoma and Japanese punk band Suichu Blanco.

White Cowbell Oklahoma was all sorts of insanity. There was a stripper on stage. Sparks and fire occasionally sprung out of a member’s cowbells and frontman Clem Clensen was an electric frontman eventually ending up on the top of the bar of the Silver Dollar.

Suichu Blanco was one of my favourite NXNE discoveries this year. If you’re a fan of Zoobombs, this is definitely one to see. There was an admirable energy to the way that these Japanese musicians delivered their music. By appearance you would never expect such a ferocious performance. The frontman Yuta Inoue jumped and bounced about the stage as well as the audience. Bassist Yui Hidaka smiled adorably throughout the set while delivering killer bass licks. Ryuji Nagasaki proved to be a magnificent drummer. This was one band that was both mind-blowing and authentic to themselves. I didn’t understand a word but a wholeheartedly enjoyed their set.