Do you wish for your Sled Island days and nights to be polka-dot splashed with shades of cotton candy and baby blue?  To captain your cruiser bicycle like the dreamboat you are, sailing from colorfully lit venue to venue, ears tickled pink by vintage pop voices and art rock guitars?  For those of you who like to wear rose-tinted sunglasses at night, this next list of notoriously sweet, dream-pop sounding bands, are nothing but sunshine and gumdrops.

Diamond Mind: Local 510 parking lot on Friday the 26th at 1:30 PM.
All the way from the far reaches of Edmonton come Diamond Mind.  Like their name implies, Diamond Mind’s brand of dreamy glimmers, though not abrasively so. So as not to induce comatose, their honey-filled happy sound is also grounded by this bands slight and understated melancholia with esoterically contemplative lyrics.  They may even on occasion bust out a 60s psychedelic breakdown. 

Brushsigns: downstairs Commonwealth Bar on Tuesday the 23rd at 8:00 PM.
The sound of Calgary’s Brushsigns is uncomplicatedly satisfying, and lush.  Beth Baines airy voice coasts like a cumulous cloud above golden fields, pairing perfectly with Craig Fahner’s gently strummed guitar jangles.  Sometimes the duo slow it down a bit, taking us back to that 60s/70s folk era of whimsically dazed simplicity and beauty.  Brushsigns is postcard perfect. 

Faith Healer: Commonwealth Bar on Friday the 26th at 4:00 PM and at the Ship and Anchor on Friday the 26th at 10:00 PM.
Pop that pops!  Danceable drums, funky basslines, and the catchiest oooh-and-ahhh harmonies, rocking out beneath the fuzzy golden veil of a Velvet Underground lo-fi sound.  These are the warmly textured, elements of groove supporting Jessica Jalbert’s ethereal, emotionally tethered voice, which makes for a very unique and satisfying combo.

The Avulsions: upstairs Palomino on Thursday the 25th at 7:00 PM and at Tubby Dog on Friday the 26th at 2:00 PM. 
Three lovelies from Saskatoon whose full spectrum of sound is still a bit of a mystery, though judging from the few tracks available on internetland, it seems that their darker version of daydreaming is one that steers slightly off-kilter into the territories of spacey, and psychedelic weirdness.  Rumored to put on an amazing live performance, The Avulsion’s fleeting riffs and rhythmic oddities will make your eardrums skip a beat, taking you on a mostly-happy space trip.

Moss Lime: Tubby Dog on Saturday the 27th at 4:00 PM and Republik on Sunday the 28th at 6:00 PM.
Montreal-based Moss Lime emit a uniquely mellow and sparse sound that still remains ever grooveable.  Bilingual lyrics of the cheeky variety (oftentimes having to do with food), sometimes chanted or (softly) shouted or, bright strumming and eerie slides with lots of jazzy, surfy ornamentation, Moss Lime is just plain good, weird fun. 

Heaven for Real: Broken City patio on Thursday the 25th at 9:00 PM and Tubby Dog on Saturday the 27th at 3:00 PM.
Catchy hooks and tight beats à
la 80s art rock, these Halifax east-coasters bring pop-rock back to the days of unfettered, uncluttered, yet still beautifully imaginative goodness.  Songs that’ll ignite a goofy dance part, and get stuck in your head for days, theirs is the kind of cool that goes down smooth and easy.   

Monomyth: Commonwealth Bar Friday the 26th at 2:30 and Bamboo Lounge Friday the 26th at 12:00 AM (Saturday morn technically).    
Another merry crew from Halifax, Monomyth like to keep their sound on the unpredictable side.  Just as capable of soothing the ears with bubblegum serenades, these guys can also rock out pretty hard, a multifaceted jam band at their finest.  Mostly though, they stick to their swell brand of poppy art rock, distinguishable by its bright, dexterously picked guitar lines and soft-core drumming.  Dancing shoes required.

Stay tuned for more bands to come as we countdown to Sled Island!