[Album Review] Pryde- Richvale Summer
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Release Date: June 3rd, 2015
Label: Mars Music Group

Fresh off a name change Pryde is helping you update your summer playlist as he dropped a hot fire album Richvale Summer. Unlike his last project Plan A, Richvale Summer doesn’t tell a cohesive story instead it’s full of bangers to blast while cruising down the street.  The album uses heavy hitting beats that will leave a mark on your eardrums.

“Day One” eases you into the album as Pryde spits some hot fire bars telling you he still rolls with the same crew. Just like the rest of the songs on the album “Day One” has the catchiest hook that will leave you singing “still with my day ones”. Richvale Summer consists of 12 songs with no features on it at all. This is a plus in my books; sometimes rappers have too many other artists on their albums /mixtapes distracting the listener. Richvale Summer could be a soundtrack to a summer movie about a bunch of 20 year olds hanging out, going to parties, talking, drinking and just having fun. You can tell Pryde had lots of fun making this project as he puts audio clips of friends saying things like “super f***king lit”. Honestly this is one of my favourite projects he has ever made. There isn’t much I didn’t like on this album the song writing is genius, the choice of beats are perfect and it will leave you wanting more. Just beware this album is extremely hot for real keep away from anything flammable!

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