[Album Review] Slow Down Molasses- Burnt Black Cars
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Release Date: May 12th, 2015
Label: Culvert Music

Edgy and thought provoking are the best words to describe the new Slow Down, Molasses project. I had no idea what to expect from Burnt Black Cars but once I hit that play button I was happily surprised. It starts out with a slow song that has an electronic feel but no vocals. The song is like they are opening the door to their world for you as the next track “Burnt Black Cars” hits you hard right out of the gate. The project concentrates more on the instruments than the vocals as Burnt Black Cars is very guitar heavy with pop snyth sounds. When you do hear McShane’s vocals they tend to have a reverb / echoy effect on them throughout the album. It gives Burnt Black Cars an eerie sound that pairs well with the strong guitar presence. Jeanette Stewart sounds beautiful on the album as you can hear her voice mixed with McShane’s on a few songs. Her gentle voice can be found giving rays of sunshine to the song “Stay Still”.

To me the album tells the story of someone’s summer as it starts out happy and optimistic with “Sovereigns”. But then things happen along the way, you meet a nice girl, you go on vacation, there are wild parties, you break up and then you have to face reality as the summer ends with “Underneath The Cobblestones”. I felt that the vocals were over powered at times and made it hard to make out what they were trying to say. With that being said it’s a good album with many different sounds put into one melting pot to create Burnt Black Cars. Burnt Back Cars is a must listen for any road trip this summer.