Tango Lima used to be called Noble Savage and it is the musical platform for Victoria musician/singer/songwriter Trevor Lang. On his latest record ‘Paradise Island’ Lang goes all chiptune on our ass. This is 8-bit technology with a difference, however, as he presents us with a concept album no less. It’s a retro video game soundtrack to a trip to an enchanted (enchanting?) isle.

Says Lang: “Two years in the making, Tango Lima’s 2nd full length release ‘Paradise Island’ is an album of conceptual instrumental electronic “tropipop”. The songs range from super melodic dance tracks reminiscent of the roots in highlife music, to atmospheric drone odysseys. Heavy with immersive tropical ambience ranging from dense jungles to sunny beaches, as well as songs that transition in and out of each other seamlessly, ‘Paradise Island’ is definitely an album to sit down with a pair of headphones and enjoy as a whole. So best wishes from the Paradise Isles and we hope you’ll come to visit as soon as possible!”

‘Paradise Island’ premieres today exclusively right here at Ride the Tempo. Feel free to stream the album here or purchase a copy for yourself: