[Album Review] Patrick Watson- Love Songs For Robots
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Release Date: May 12th, 2015
Label: Secret City Records

It’s been 3 years since Patrick Watson took us through Adventures in Your Own Backyard but Watson has returned to take us on another sonic adventure, one that has us questioning our existence and decisions that truly may not be our own.

For Watson fans, he still presents some of the delicate textures that he’s presented us with in the past. You can still hear nuances of that in songs like “Good Morning Mr. Wolf”. However, that’s not to say the album is “quiet” by any means, especially compared to his previous release. This time around he has employed more electronic textures adding to a larger sound overall. Maybe Watson has become a sort of robot in his own sense.

Notably different are more art-rock tunes like “Bollywood” that stretch much longer than it really needed to at over 6 minutes, his voice almost reminiscent of a Bon Iver track. This time around there’s also a new guitarist (Joe Grass) as the former Simon Angell is now focusing on Thus Owls. This change has resulted in a more blues-influenced style,  most audible in “Hearts” and the slightly strange “Grace”.

I found I wasn’t immediately drawn to this record as I was Adventures (huge fan of that record). The arrangements didn’t’ seem to tug on as many heart strings though this is definitely also a headphone record to truly appreciate the may layers. My personal favourite is the short and appropriately stripped down “Alone in This World” which seems to story a ghost who’s come back to his former home. I feel a bit like this ghost on the new record. I’m unsure I’m in the right place as it’s very different from what I remember of Patrick Watson, but ultimately I’d regret it if I didn’t keep returning for another visit.