Teenage Kicks @ The Horseshoe 5/23/2015

All good things must come to an end, and late Saturday night the now former members of Teenage Kicks gathered with friends and fans at the Horseshoe Tavern for a wake. The bittersweet show was everything we love and expect from the Kicks. Fitting closure to the five years of fantastic tunes, and raucous live performances that kept everyone wanting more. But after multiple roster changes, recording troubles, and general bad luck weighing heavily on the van Helvoort brothers, closure is exactly what they need.

After the opening set as a four piece, Peter started the encore with an acoustic guitar and an apology, but there is no apology necessary. I’ve seen the Kicks leave everything on stage more times than I can remember, and I appreciate every effort made to keep that party going. So as much as I’ll miss Teenage Kicks, I’m excited for the fresh start, the new bands, and the new music that will rise from the ashes.

Let’s all raise our glasses one last time. For the sweaty mosh pits, the beer fuelled sing alongs, the glorious stage antics, the friends we made along the way, and for what’s still to come from Peter, Jeff, Cameron, Patrick, Christian, and Keegan.
Thanks for everything boys.