Big Dick, Kurt Marble, The Pucumber and the Sasssquash Family Band & Battlewülf @ Handlebar 5/15/2015

Wavelength Music celebrate the Victoria’s Day long weekend with 2 days of shows at The Handlebar filled with candy from your childhood dreams (Fun Dip, Fizz, candy necklaces etc). I made it out Friday night’s fantastic show.

Beginning the night was Guelph, Ontario’s BattleWülf which brought surf-punk to the bar. Memorable songs included one called “I Don’t Want to Touch Your Dick”.

On Bandcamp they tag themselves as “demented party music” and that’s sort of what The Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band was. It was chaotically awesome. Lead singer the band deemed Zucchini Jackson belted out the vocals right on the bar floor. Their sound is hardcore but there is a strangely friendly demeanour about the delivery.

Wearing a dress or a robe of some sort, Kurt Marble took the stage with his band of psych-rock makers which included Paul McEachern from Most People. His bandmate Brandon Gibson-DeGroote was in attendance and did a fabulous job DJing that night as RAVE TAPES.

Marble had an charming stage presence, making jokes between songs and being playful during them. He ended the set having an audience member play the final guitar notes and a bicycle helmet appeared from somewhere. Random was expected to happen at a party with tons of candy right?

The night ended with Big Dick (the band not the man part). Fun fact: they are actually named after a song from old school Victoria, BC punk rockers NOMEANSNO. The garage-punkers had nothing to hide and bared their all (hahaha I can’t stop myself from making lame puns) with their clean cut performance of their melodic garage punk tunes.

While I couldn’t make the Saturday, I much enjoyed Friday’s lineup of raucous music and all-i-could-eat candy.

  • blase

    That was Chris from the Sulks playing at the end of Kurt Marbles set!