Army Girls w/ Crushed Out @ Burdock 5/13/2015

On Wednesday, I headed to local watering-hole Burdock for a show featuring Army Girls and New York’s Crushed Out.

I was unfamiliar with the duo of Franklin Hoier and Moselle Spiller but they managed to impress a modest crowd with their surf pop tunes (there was even a song called “Surfer Billy”). Spiller even sported a mermaidy outfit to fit the genre.

Army Girls frontwoman Carmen Elle (also of DIANA) admitted to working at Burdock, not the first musician who I’d seen that worked there. It’s nice to know that a local venue is being run by musicians.

Unlike previous performances, DIANA performed as a four piece adding a bassist and another guitarist. Strangely, it was a tamer than when they played as a duo, probably because they’re getting used to the new lineup. That doesn’t mean they didn’t deliver! The sound was fuller and Carmen was still able to show off her fantastic pipes in crowd favourites like the new “End of Days”.